Wednesday, June 15, 2016

My next year notebook

So I did this ---

Because I like fun little pretty things -- so my planning notebook is all that -- fun and little and pretty. Well, maybe not little. Anyway, I've got pages torn out of magazines, written notes, stuff I copied from the Internet, like from websites, Pinterest, and this one twitter chat I do {yikes - yes, I really do a twitter chat!!!} -- just all sorts of things. 24 pages of things. 

And then one day last week, yes, just one day, I got on my computer to sort through ideas I'd saved on there. That's good, that's good, oh that one is too. 

Are you getting the picture? 

I've got Too Many Ideas! 

Anybody else? I just want to try all these things. Because they all sound -- well, terrific. 

After a couple weeks, I'm going to have to start narrowing some of these down. But for right now, I'll just enjoy my pretty little notebook! :)

And just in case anyone is interested in my continuing saga of difficulties actually posting a post - this was hard, too! Couldn't get Dropbox to let me use my picture. 


  1. Fun notebook! I love ideas and have them "saved" all over the place. In written and digital form. Have fun going through them all!

  2. Too many ideas! I'm in the middle of that problem too. :)