Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I guess it's a big no-no to post twice in one day. But hey, I have the afternoon off for a dentist appointment, so I'm going for it!

I have 2 foldables (I guess "foldables" isn't a real word, because it has that red squiggly line under it.) Anyway! Our comprehension strategy for this week is Sequence of Events, so next week in centers, I'll have the kids do a Sequence of Events. I'm having them write about their day with this foldable. This is one that they need help with the folding. 
 I tried this last year and got pretty good results.

The other foldable is one I'm using in Science this year. We have been studying States of Matter. We made this foldable together, and we have filled in information about the various forms of matter. 
(I'm running out of copy paper, so we did this on notebook paper. As you can (hopefully) see, we wrote the name of the type of matter on the outside of the flip. On the inside, we describe that type of matter and draw a quick picture. My thought is it will help them remember :)

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