Friday, February 26, 2016


So my desktop computer was running soooo slow. And a coworker said her husband could look at it. And there didn't seem much he could do, so it's back home now. But running even slower. Time for a new one. 

And this week was parent teacher conferences. In our district, each school sets their own schedule, so my school only goes until 9:20 on Friday. That means I'm up in College Town, visiting College Girl. 

But as for conferences.... For several years, I've wanted them to be more of a dialogue then a talk, if you know what I mean. And at the fall ones this year -- I felt like I did ALL the talking. NOT the way I wanted them to go at all. So I started thinking, and I thought if I ask some questions of the parents, maybe we can start a conversation. I had 6 conferences after school on Tuesday. And I asked those parents, how does your child like school? And I got ... Crickets. Blank looks. Deer in the headlight eyes. And then, "oh, fine." This is something I still need to work on obviously. Any help??? 

For the most part, I enjoy conferences, and the chance to interact with parents. I wish they'd be a little more talkative -- I want to hear from them, just as they want to hear from me. 

And also at conferences ... When I was showing parents data from our district mandated assessments, I got asked at least 4 times, "are you going to retain my child?" Ack -- no! Nobody in my class is being retained. What am I saying to make you think this?? 

Anyway, ready for the weekend and some time with my girl! 

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day

Did everyone survive your Valentine's Day parties? Oh, my goodness -- what a day! One of my teammates is pregnant and she started having contractions Thursday night -- too early, she just started her 3rd trimester. Thankfully, she's home and doing fine. However, no sub for her Friday -- so we had to split up her class. Yep! I had 8 extra students. Oh what fun. Thankfully, the principal arranged for them to have their own Valentine party, so I didn't have them for that half hour. 

And hasn't Valentine's Day gotten a little crazy? Like, every child but one brought cards, and candy! The little sack lunch bags we decorated for our Valentines wouldn't even hold it all. And I got 5 stuffed animals and 3 big boxes of candy. I know I'm loved -- but really, I don't need that much chocolate. I told my husband, I wish there was some gentle way I could tell families -- if you must give me something, what about a note, or buy your child a book in my name, or..... 
{however, one little friend gave me expo markers and colored pens -- love, love.}

I've got a couple other things to share, but my desktop was running so slowly, a teammates husband is looking at it for me. So right now I'm just on my little iPad. 

Happy Monday tomorrow. Unless you get it off -- then it's you lucky duck! 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Snow Day

Dear Bloggy Friends and Readers - if there are any of you left! I looked at my blog this morning, and it still had my Christmas header on it. {Don't look now! I fixed it, you silly head!} 

My December and January frankly just stunk. With four days left until winter break, my dad got very sick and I went to be with him, missing the last three days of school. My dad sadly passed away. Then when school started back up, I caught one of the worst colds I've ever had {maybe the two are related??} and ended up missing three more days, spread out over two weeks. 

However, today God must have known I needed just a "catch your breath day" and we got a snow day. I have been doing some "have to" stuff on a very uncooperative computer -- everything is taking at least twice as long as it needs to. And if anyone knows how to easily move iPhone pictures to my desktop -- please help. 

So I have worked like crazy all morning, and now I'm going to relax! So thankful for snow days!