Tuesday, September 30, 2014

What's on my Bookshelf

Tammy at Forever in First is sharing some book recommendations - for adults. I know, crazy concept - teachers actually reading for enjoyment! What next!!

I've found myself having a bit of ADD concerning novels - probably because I've been reading so many blog posts - short, short, short. I don't have the stamina to read something longer. So lately, I've been making an effort to do a little more reading for enjoyment. 

First up, recommended by College Girl:
I have to admit, I started these purely because College Girl had recommended them, and I was interested in something she was interested in. I had shied away from them before, because I was afraid they would be pretty gruesome. OK, maybe in a few places they were, but all in all, I thought a good story. 

Without knowing what I was getting into, I bought this on my Kindle:

And thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought it gave a realistic look at a teenager having to help her mom {more than a little} deal with her autistic sister. 

Then, I bought this book right before this weekend, because I knew I'd have some reading time while I was visiting College Girl this weekend.

Oh, how interesting. Alice wakes up with a head injury and thinking it is 10 years earlier. I stayed up too late finishing this one!

The funniest thing - when I started typing this, I knew I was doing it because I had just read Tammy's recommendations, and some of them were of interest to me. Then I realized that the only reason I started Hunger Games is because somebody I liked and trusted recommended it to me. So hey - maybe I need to do some book recommending in my class!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Five for Friday - 9/26


Good Friday Morning! This week's edition for 5 for Friday is liable to be all over the place!

1 - I  had planned to go see College Girl this weekend, but then she told me she would be busy, so I changed my plans. Then College Girl sent me a text mid-afternoon Wednesday, saying she wasn't feeling well. And later that night, her text said she wished I was coming up. Another change in plans, and I'm leaving soon to visit her. Yea! Cuz I love seeing that girl!

2 - I had a crazy day yesterday - I was out of school because I had two doctor's appointments, and then an emergency "replace the water heater" visit from the plumber, so it was very nice when I ran by school to get something quick to see the sub note that said I had a great class. Thank you my little friends, for behaving well when I'm not there.

3 - While my plumber friends were here, I got my lesson plans sketched out for the next 6 weeks. Oh, happy day!

4 - I noticed while my students were doing turn and talk this week {or buddy talk, or whatever fun name you call it} that it just sounded like a bunch of noise. So I asked the para that comes in my room a couple times to day, to help me. It was so funny, the kids were giggling so much. First we talked at the same time, and not at all about math {which was what we were supposed to be talking about} and then she even got up and started looking for a pencil! The kids knew right away what was wrong, and the discussions for the rest of that day were better. I'm hoping that continues.

5 - We don't have school today! My poor newbie teacher that I mentor, she has to go for new teacher in-service, which she is not looking forward to at all. But all us old folks, are enjoying the day off. I hope you enjoy your day, whatever it brings!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Phonics Poems

Does anybody else feel like they are barely treading water this year? Oh, I am so there! And along with regular school stuff, and a new math curriculum, and mentoring a sweet new teacher.... I'm taking two classes to finish my ESOL endorsement. And then, I decided to lead a Bible study, ironically using Lysa TerKeurst's new book, "The Best Yes." 

Because nothing says overextending yourself like leading a Bible study about saying Yes to only the best! 

So my four little sweeties who are low readers - way low for 2nd grade, and low for 1st grade... well, I want to help them with phonics and sight words, and well, really everything. 

I wanted to have them read and practice some phonics poems. But the poems I pulled out last week, ummm, not going to happen. 

So what's a teacher to do? Write her own dorky little poems.  Something like this:

I put my nose
Down very close
To smell the rose.

It was no joke,
Mom gave me a poke
So I awoke!

Oh these are so corny. But together, we can look for rhyming words, and practice saying it together, and maybe read it to a partner. High hopes here my friends!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Five for Friday 9/19


Happy Friday all my bloggy friends!

Five Good Things that happened this week:

1 - Well, this is a little old - but I'm sharing anyway, because as I took them down yesterday, I just thought they were so cute - 

So, the background. At the beginning of the year, I read this delightful book,
 Image result for how i spent my summer vacation
And then we talked about how we all get T-shirts when we go visit someplace. I gave each child this T-shirt cut-out, and they drew a picture and added a sentence about something they did this summer. I thought they turned out pretty nice - and it was a fun back to school project.

2 - No pictures - boo hiss - I even wrote myself a note! We read about dragonflies, then wrote about them and drew pictures. Some kids even wrote "Dragonflies" really fancy. I hung them up to replace the T-Shirts. Oh, I hope I can remember to snap some pics next week! 

3 - I had one little friend that "forgot" the rule about not hitting other people at recess, and he spent the day in in-school suspension and the next day at home. When he came back, he body-slammed other students - the first time on accident, but then.... So another day in in-school suspension. Thursday, this little friend told me, "You guys sure did a lot while I was gone." Umm, yea, I think we did. 

4 - We are doing measuring in math right now - and the kids are loving it. Today we got to measure with yard sticks, so they were up and out of their seats - measuring book shelves, desks, books, chairs, etc. {A horrible aside - our district is using Engage NY and our supplies for this include rulers in inches on both sides, and  yard sticks. However, Engage NY is asking us to use centimeter rulers and meter sticks. How does that work???}

5 - I have four little friends that are low, low, low - So for our sight words, I made some cute, silly little stories using some clip art I had bought. {Now I know why the textbook companies get so much money - it's really hard to figure out sentences that low readers can read!}

I just clicked these pics off my computer; I need to print them and put them in these old, little photo albums I have. I'm sort of excited to see if my low kids will like these. 

Have a great weekend everybody!