Thursday, September 21, 2017

Magical Fixes

Yesterday morning, I hadn't slept very well, and when I got to school, I just knew I had to finish doing my goals. Does everyone else have to do these? We have to write a student achievement goal {that can be measured} and also a personal goal; and our principal writes a building goal for us. Well, yesterday was the deadline. 
I was emailing back and forth with my principal to finish up. I entered my student achievement goal. And then I had the momentous moment where I clicked submit. And then there's a big scary screen that says, this is forever and permanent - or you know, something like that. And I clicked it. 

And then I went to enter my personal goal --- and realized I had put my student achievement goal under my personal goal! Argh!!! 

I didn't want to, but I emailed my principal. And guess what? She didn't yell at me, or say why did I do that, or huff at me. She had the magical powers to fix it. And she just did that, and sent me an email to try again. 

So later that day, when my first grade friends were cutting, and one of them accidentally cut on the wrong line, I was able to say, "accidents happen," and put some tape on it. 

I'll admit, I'm not always so good at magically fixing what I'm able to magical fix. Sometimes, I huff. Or I say "why did you do that?" Or... well, I don't yell. 
I sure was glad to get a little grace yesterday. Now I want to try harder to pass that grace on to others.