Friday, February 26, 2016


So my desktop computer was running soooo slow. And a coworker said her husband could look at it. And there didn't seem much he could do, so it's back home now. But running even slower. Time for a new one. 

And this week was parent teacher conferences. In our district, each school sets their own schedule, so my school only goes until 9:20 on Friday. That means I'm up in College Town, visiting College Girl. 

But as for conferences.... For several years, I've wanted them to be more of a dialogue then a talk, if you know what I mean. And at the fall ones this year -- I felt like I did ALL the talking. NOT the way I wanted them to go at all. So I started thinking, and I thought if I ask some questions of the parents, maybe we can start a conversation. I had 6 conferences after school on Tuesday. And I asked those parents, how does your child like school? And I got ... Crickets. Blank looks. Deer in the headlight eyes. And then, "oh, fine." This is something I still need to work on obviously. Any help??? 

For the most part, I enjoy conferences, and the chance to interact with parents. I wish they'd be a little more talkative -- I want to hear from them, just as they want to hear from me. 

And also at conferences ... When I was showing parents data from our district mandated assessments, I got asked at least 4 times, "are you going to retain my child?" Ack -- no! Nobody in my class is being retained. What am I saying to make you think this?? 

Anyway, ready for the weekend and some time with my girl! 


  1. Hmmm, I love the idea of asking them questions to start. One other thing I like to do in the spring is to have the students lead the conference. I have one afternoon where I set aside a window of time after school where they can come in with their kids and the students show them their goals, their growth toward those goals. I love watching the kids take responsibility for their learning! :)
    Not Just Child's Play

  2. Let me know what questions or conversation starters you collect! I'd love a more interactive conference. Happy time in College Town!!!

  3. I typically send home a questionnaire before conferences that parents fill out and bring with them. That way they have a chance to think about their responses. It only has five or six questions. Like: How has your child grown the most so far this year? What are their strengths? Do they have any complaints or worries about school? etc.