Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Yeah, it's Tuesday night and that means tomorrow is Wednesday and it's my Art Day! Love Art Days, because I get an extra 45 minutes of plan time. I try to get things ready for the next week (so don't anybody bother me!). And extra special bonus, we get to wear jeans tomorrow. Does life get any better than this?? Not tell May 25th :)
Are teachers doing things for Leap Year? And Dr. Seuss Day? Well, a lot must be for Dr. Seuss Day - I've seen lots of things floating around. I've got a couple things planned. In my last post, I talked about doing the tongue twisters. Got that all ready. At Seusstastic Classroom, she's posted a freebie with lots of Dr. Seuss ideas. I'm thinking I'll do the one that's title, "If Thing 1 and Thing 2 Came to My House." I have to admit, that's one of the few Dr. Seuss books I can stand. The rhymes and nonsense words just make my tongue get tangled. Even my daughter said she could remember me telling her I wouldn't read Dr. Seuss books to her - she'd have to ask her dad :)
Anyway, my co-teacher and I were talking about Leap Year and we decided we ought to do something, since it only happened every 4 years. I found a quick little power point on TPT that explains it pretty good. Here it is, if you are interested. (But it's not a freebie).
Best news, sale at TPT tomorrow. I'm trying not to buy things until I need them. I hate kicking myself, thinking, now why in the world did I get this?? 
Happy Leap Day to you tomorrow! Sara

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Oh, pooh

Well, pooh, yesterday I wrote this really nice first post, and after I had published it, I realized I hadn't put any tags with it. But when I went to do that, for some reason, everything erased! Yuck. Anyway, here's the basics of what I said.

I've been blog stalking lately and loving it! So I thought I'd start my own little blog. Some of these gals are so fantastic - I'm probably not going to be anything like that. 

Last week was crazy at school. Monday = normal day. Tuesday = 4th grade music program, followed by Valentine's Day party. Wednesday = normal day, except we were getting ready for--- Thursday and Friday = parent teacher conferences. (Why do my good kids act naughty on those days right before conferences? I guess to give me something to talk about with their parents!) And finally Monday = in-service.

I have been trying to do some thinking ahead - ha! Usually I'm thinking: next week is Valentine's Day, I should try to do something special. Anyway, I found this neat activity for Dr. Seuss day from Second Grade Sugar and Spice. I love the idea of having the kids make tongue twisters. When they get done, I want to make a class book out of them.  

I also saw this Anticipation Guide from Swimming into Second. Our story next week is a nonfiction one on penguins. I'll need to adapt it a bit, but I like the idea.

I'm not looking forward to our in-service much. Right now, writing is a special that the students go to while we have a plan time. Next year, we will do writing in the classroom and science will be a special. I enjoy science, so it's kinda sad for me to see it go. But, on the up side, I've seen lots of fun writing ideas I'd like to try. 

Have a great weekend. Sara