Sunday, February 19, 2012

Oh, pooh

Well, pooh, yesterday I wrote this really nice first post, and after I had published it, I realized I hadn't put any tags with it. But when I went to do that, for some reason, everything erased! Yuck. Anyway, here's the basics of what I said.

I've been blog stalking lately and loving it! So I thought I'd start my own little blog. Some of these gals are so fantastic - I'm probably not going to be anything like that. 

Last week was crazy at school. Monday = normal day. Tuesday = 4th grade music program, followed by Valentine's Day party. Wednesday = normal day, except we were getting ready for--- Thursday and Friday = parent teacher conferences. (Why do my good kids act naughty on those days right before conferences? I guess to give me something to talk about with their parents!) And finally Monday = in-service.

I have been trying to do some thinking ahead - ha! Usually I'm thinking: next week is Valentine's Day, I should try to do something special. Anyway, I found this neat activity for Dr. Seuss day from Second Grade Sugar and Spice. I love the idea of having the kids make tongue twisters. When they get done, I want to make a class book out of them.  

I also saw this Anticipation Guide from Swimming into Second. Our story next week is a nonfiction one on penguins. I'll need to adapt it a bit, but I like the idea.

I'm not looking forward to our in-service much. Right now, writing is a special that the students go to while we have a plan time. Next year, we will do writing in the classroom and science will be a special. I enjoy science, so it's kinda sad for me to see it go. But, on the up side, I've seen lots of fun writing ideas I'd like to try. 

Have a great weekend. Sara


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