Saturday, September 13, 2014

Five for Friday


Good Morning, and no it isn't Friday. Meant to do this last night, but College Girl came home - and.....

So here we go this morning!

1. "I feel like giving you a hug." I have one little friend that says this to me at least twice a day, sometimes more. And it always starts a chain reaction - I get more hugs. What a nice feeling!

2. I bought Deanna Jump's Interactive Reading Journals and used one for the first time this week. She has graphic organizers for all sorts of things! I really like how they copy two to a page - and I think the smaller size makes it feel more manageable to the kids. My thought is for the kids to use a glue stick to put these in a spiral - but I didn't get that far last week. 

3. My new little dry erase board - see my whole silly post about that here.

4. Math has been pretty discouraging this year. We took a test over the first unit on Wednesday and it was sad times {for me} while I was grading them. So Thursday, we went over them, and I had the kids write answers in colored pencil as we did it together. And when we got done, we still had about a half hour of "math time." So I pulled out the laptops and everybody got on ABCya in the math section. I think I heard audible sighs of relief from the kids - the kind that says, "Now here's something I can do!" 

5. Ack, ack - the last thing I was going to tell you - I meant to take pictures of yesterday. Totally forgot. We've been reading and learning about insects - and we read a book about dragonflies one day and the next I had them draw a dragonfly and we added facts to the page. Then I let them write Dragonfly in decorative writing - oh, they are so creative! 
       and 5b - I had a student check out a book on dragonflies from the school library and it had some wonderful pictures, so we read that together on Friday. Love when that happens. 

I'm enjoying College Girl this weekend - what are your plans?


  1. I love the story of your hugger. Sounds like someone with a big heart.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

    1. That hugger girl is a sweetie! Even yesterday, she told me she wasn't in a good mood. Couldn't tell!

  2. I hope math gets better for you and your students. Hope you had a great weekend with College Girl!

    1. Sent you an email about math. And it was a good weekend, but didn't end up seeing much of College Girl - lol. Sara