Thursday, March 26, 2015

Math, Part 2

My blogger friend, Alyce, said it best: Isn't that the great thing about a blog--reflection heaven? That's what my last post on Tuesday was. 

After mulling it over and looking at my kids' math papers again, this is what I decided to do: I am fortunate to have a SpEd para come into my room for the first part of math. When she came into the room on Wednesday, I grabbed her and told her my plan. 

I put all my struggling students over on one side of the room. I told the para - just do the Vertical Method {or for us old school people, the traditional method, or the regrouping method, or heaven forbid - borrowing way - you take your pick!}

So even though the rest of the class was doing the number bond way, this group of 7 kids was just doing the traditional method.

And guess what?? Three of my friends were getting it – yay! One other friend was close. And ok, one friend was doing a great job of copying – lol.  And two of my SpEd boys --- well, we’ve got some work to do.

Then today, we were supposed to do some number bond stuff to subtract. I just looked at it and said, No. So we reviewed the traditional way to subtract. {I was telling this to my hub-bub at supper, and I showed him what we were supposed to do --- and I had to laugh. He was like, "what??"} 
Again, I put my struggling friends together. This was a little more difficult, because subtraction with regrouping just is. But with more consistent practice on the same method, I’m hopeful.

We did get an email today that we will be continuing with Engage NY next year. I’m not sure what I’ll do. But it’s a ways away.

I do want to thank my bloggy friends for their kind words. It is so helpful and encouraging!

And of course the best news of all, tomorrow’s Friday!


  1. That's cool that you have some help in the classroom! It sounds like your idea is working!!! Don't you love the little copiers, they don't seem to realize that even if you don't see them do it, it is so obvious when you grade the papers. some of my first graders would copy off of someone who was struggling more than they were...LOL
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