Sunday, December 13, 2015

Kindness Snowman

Some of you may be doing Elf on the Shelf -- And more power to you on that! A teammate did it last year, and her class really enjoyed it. 

I personally wasn't that excited about all that went with Elf on the Shelf -- so after happening upon a couple blogs, I decided to do a Kindness Snowman. Well, I started with the Kindness Elf, but College Girl said she thought Kindness Snowman would be better. 

He's the cute little guy. So every day last week, I wrote a little note and taped it under his arm. Then they all tried to find him as soon as they came into the room. And somebody read the note -- and we tried to do what it said. 

We've done things like say Hi to someone; write a nice note to a teacher, compliment someone; pick up trash, etc.  So Thursday, they wrote me a note telling 3 reasons each one was proud of themselves. 

And Friday, this was the note from the Kindness Snowman:
"Shhh...It's a secret. Don't say a anything til the end of the day. Kindness Snowman"

My class got really quiet after my person read the note. Finally, one of my quiet little sweeties asked, "Does this mean we can't say anything until the end of the day?" I was almost busting out laughing, because, yes, that is what it says. But of course, the Kindness Snowman just meant please don't keep asking about the secret surprise. 

And at the end of the day, the Kindness Snowman sent home a packet of hot chocolate, after asking Mrs. Sanders to write a quick note back to each student about what they were proud of. 


  1. Love their literal take on things, huh? :)

  2. Oh, that is lovely! I have a snowman, maybe he could come for three days, and help us through til vacation. Thanks for the great idea!!!