Tuesday, January 29, 2019

What Worked 2018

It's been a little while, and I've realize I miss writing what's going on in my teacher life. I don't care (a lot) if nobody else reads this... I just like to write my thoughts down. 

So I've seen this title/idea a bit around the internet... so I thought I'd share mine {preferably before January is over!).
Here's what worked for me in 2018...

1 - Leaving close to the end of my contract time. I'm a morning person, so by the time it gets to be 4:10 (the end of our day), I'm more than ready to head out the door. I usually try to get a quick bit of clean up from the day done, and out I go.

2 - Tuesday nights. My hubby and a friend like to go to the local brew pub and tell tall tales. And it gives me a little time in a quiet house. So I hurry home (see #1) and get in comfy clothes and head to the computer. I get a good hour or 2 to really get some work down on lesson plans. For some reason, I just can't see to put these together at school. So if I get a good start at home, I can finish those up at school 

3 - "We're rich!" Ok, we're not really rich. But we're comfortable. And this phrase has been quite handy when I'm trying to decide whether I should keep some silly little thing. I've started to realize I don't need to keep everything... I'm in a position to buy, if I need to. And that's been pretty freeing.


  1. Glad to "hear" from you!!! Best wishes for a lovely 2019!!!


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