Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall Ideas

Yahoo! Pocket Full Of Kinders is having a Linky Party:

I've got a couple ideas I'm adding. The first is one I did a couple years ago - the first year I taught 2nd grade. Was I naive? I don't know, maybe. I had them collect leaves. Then we carefully painted the side that the veins stuck out on. Next we pressed them onto our paper. Most of them just put random leaves on their papers, but I was really pleased that the lines on the leaves showed through.

I really thought about doing this again this year. But alas and alack, I have one little sweetie-pie who comes back from Art every week with paint stains covering all his fingers. And I'm not even sure they do painting every week :) So I decided that was just pressing my luck.

I was reluctant to do the following because I teach 2nd grade and a Kindergarten teacher had already done it and they were hanging in the hall outside her room. But my ever encouraging hub-bub said, Just do it! So I did. I gave my kids a baggie and told them to bring back some leaves. Whatever they brought had to fit in the baggie; if they bought sticks they had to be no longer than their pinkie finger and not as big around. No living things (You can't imagine how many times that was asked :)

(I really like the middle one, but don't tell anyone.)  The Kindergarten teacher gave her kiddos goggly eyes. I told my 2nd graders they had to figure something out. Pretty cool - they did. Some of them tore up leaves to make eyes, others used little seeds.

Well, my ideas are all crafty. I sure would like someone to include some Fall Festival party / Halloween party activity ideas. Please??

And don't forget to join up with the Pocketful of Kinders Linky Party.

Oh, Oh - I just thought - maybe I can make a mini- Scavenger Hunt like Pocketful of Kinders has done. I like it!

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