Friday, October 12, 2012

Nouns (mostly)


Well, I really mean to blog more than once a week. It just obviously isn't happening. My days haven't even been that full. It's just that about 3 nights (or was it 4, I'm in such a stupor, I don't even know!) of waking up between 2:30 and 3:30 make it hard for me to think about much. So I try to save up all my thinking for school time!
(Ok, I just put that smiley star in 'cuz it's so cute!)
Anyway, my sorta cool thing I did this week. Well, really, it was just a fun thing the kids enjoyed. I sorta borrowed and adapted this from Swimming Into Second.
(When I scrapbook, you call it "scraplifting." What do you call it when you do that with teaching ideas? teach-lifting? idea-appropriating? I don't know - we're teachers - surely we can think of something cute :)
OK, so she had posters or charts that said "A Noun is a Person" and a list of people nouns. Hers are so cute! However, I'm not a cutesy person. Or was it that I just decided to do this 10 minutes before kids came in the room. It could go either way.
Anyway, on mine - I just wrote "A Noun is a Person." Then I gave each kiddo a sticky note - wow, a sticky note. To a kid, these are the best thing since candy! I really think that's true. So they thought of a person noun - wrote it on the sticky and put it on the little poster. We did the same for Animals, Places and Things.
(Little  aside, on places, one of my little sweeties put "jail." What would make a 7-year-old think of that? OK, I really don't want to know.)
And as much as I hate to admit it, we have just moved on from place value for now. My little guys that "just don't get it yet" (I make them add the yet :)  just don't get it yet. So time for a little break. I just can't think of any other way to explain or show or tell or help them. So we'll give it a rest for a bit and come back to it again.
Happy weekend to you. I have gotten things wrapped up pretty good so I won't have to do much school work. That's a big Yahoo!
Would you leave a comment if you have a terrific idea for place value? It would be greatly appreciated!

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