Friday, November 16, 2012

Teaching Tips

I have been reading all the teaching tips at Miss Kindergarten's Teaching Tips Linky Party. What a lot of great ideas!

I've got a couple to share.
First is this cute little thing! OK, not the filing - the cute little decoration on the filing folder.

That way when I (ugh) decide to do my filing, I first see a little something that makes me smile. I've done this with a couple things - my laminating folder, my bag that goes back and forth from school. It just makes me a little happy :)
Second, I feel like such a dork that it took me forever to figure this out - But I am SO doing it this year! I've always had jobs in my room, but this year, those kiddos are really working. I have 21 kids - so I have 10 or 11 jobs, depending. I decided they have their job for a month. Yes, a month. (I sometimes threaten, but I've never had to fire anyone.) This way it's easier for me to remember who has what job. So they get every other month off. In the past, my jobs have been little bit things. But this year ---

Office -- run all my errands around school
Mailbox -- puts all their papers into their mailboxes
Computers -- turns the computers on and off
Class Librarian and School Librarian -- send two kids at a time to the respective libraries
Book Worm -- straightens up my library (hehe, now I don't have to any more)
Center Helper -- tries to straighten up my mess after centers are over - if they even try a little bit, it helps me a lot!
Responsible Reminder -- helps this forgettful teacher remember things. I also press them into service by having them put stickers on papers or any other little jobs I can think of :)
Math Racers -- I use Soaring Through Second Grade's Math Racers - and I have one of my little friends get the new set of these ready. What a big relief for me! Saves me so much time!
Squeaky Cleaner -- Hehe, this little friend gets my center board ready for the next day, and also looks around to see if anybody has books, papers, etc. just oozing out of their desk. I don't even care about the 2nd, because the 1st is such a super help.
Teacher's Assistant -- This month, I have a little guy who is almost annoying in that about every 5 minutes, he says, "Teacher's Assistant, reporting for duty." He's been a great help. I had him grade some papers that I wasn't going to enter into the grade book, take down Halloween decorations, use my Smartboard to "pick" names...the list goes on.
The great thing about this is it seems like the kids enjoy having jobs. My two librarians, both this month and last, are some of my challenging behavior kids, but they take their jobs VERY seriously. My Math Racer person is one of my high students and she just loves organizing this.
All in all, this is one happy teacher for implementing all these jobs!

Well, it's the weekend, if you have some time, check out all these great teacher tips at Miss Kindergarten!


  1. Great ideas! I try to make everything in my room as cute as possible because I have to look at it! I love your helper idea too! I always have a hard time with helpers, but maybe letting them do the job for a month would help! I am a new follower. Come check out my blog if you have time!
    Second Grade is Out of This World

  2. I've really liked having them do the same job for a month. A lot of them will just start working without me reminding them. Sara