Thursday, February 21, 2013


Books, books, books - I love books! So a linky party about books - of course I have to join. 

How I spent my summer vacation. I've read this at the first of the year several times.  Then I give them a piece of typing paper and have them fold it in half. On one side, they draw a picture and write a sentence about something they really did over the summer. Then on the other side, they write and draw a fantasy picture of something they wish they could have done. I let them write and draw about meeting dinosaurs, or going to the ocean or whatever is a fantasy for them. (School appropriate, of course!)

Interrupting Chicken. This is a book I bought at the beginning of the school year after reading about it on several blogs. It is so funny. The little chicken keeps interrupting his dad's bedtime stories. Makes me chuckle.  
Hello Ocean. I did an ocean unit at the beginning of the school year and read this book. It has beautiful illustrations. And it talks about what the different senses. 
The Cow Who Wouldn't Come Down. Love this - the book is actually my daughter's from when she was a youngster. The cow in the story is flying above the farm and nothing that the farm lady tries will get her to come down - until the farm lady tries a clever idea. This is a good story to use with making predictions.

 Bootsie Barker Bites. This is another book of my daughter's. In the book, Bootsie and her mother keep coming over to visit the little girl telling the story. Bootsie is mean to the little girl, but in the end, the little girl thinks of a clever way to stop Bootsie. 

Oh, I'm not at school today so I can't remember any other books. But do you notice a pattern here? I enjoy fun books.

If you are interested in reading about more book ideas, head over to Sunny Days in 2nd Grade. Her "Show and Tell Tuesday" is about books this week. (That may be a bad sign for me and my wallet :) 

Well, another snow day today (Thursday) - except this time I'm missing conferences with parents. Those have to be made up, so instead of a half day on Friday, we're going all day, then a late night Monday and early morning and late night Tuesday. Fun times, fun times. 



  1. So sorry that this isn't a "real" snow day for you. Hope you have a good day.

  2. Alyce - I enjoyed my snow day - didn't do much school work and just read and played on my iPad. Did you get a snow day on Friday?