Sunday, February 3, 2013

I did not go crazy

Good Sunday morning to you! 
Have you been shopping yet? I have finished my TpT shopping - and I'm not looking back. No thinking about one more thing - or looking. No, No, No! I actually was getting myself stressed out, looking for "what else do I need?" so I went and talked some sense into myself with my hub-bub. I mean I talked and he agreed - he's so nice. (And he really doesn't care how much I spend!) 

Anyway, here's what I got today:
 Yeah - I'm most excited about the first two - they go together. Donna at the Math Coach's Corner has gotten me excited about trying some more opened ended math work. I'm hoping these two products will do that. I wish they were magically printed out and laminated so I could use them tomorrow.

Common Core: Number Cards to 120, It's a Jungle! w/Activities

 Common Core: Number Cards to 120, Workstation Activity Cards

 These look like some good, seasonal problems that will hopefully get my kiddos thinking.

 Story Problem Task Cards for February

For some of my little sweeties who are having So Much Trouble learning their math facts - I purchased this. I'm hoping that having the dots and stars will help them come up with the math fact answers without using their cute little fingers! :)

Touch Math Flashcards - Addition and Subtraction

 And this just looked like a good idea - I can't wait to try it, probably after spring break.
Sticky Note Research Projects

I'm so thankful for the sale - and that I didn't go over board. I am realizing that I need to desperately go through my files and see what I've already got that I should be using. Several of my wishlist freebie things wee ideas for Geometry - which I just finished! Some I can still use for centers, but others would have been great while I was teaching!

Now off to buy some clip art :)

Happy shopping, happy football, happy Sunday! 

(editing: I joined a linky party: Show Us What You Bought. Join up if you want to share.)


  1. Have fun buying clip art-- that's what I did yesterday!!
    Karen :o)
    Mrs. Stamp's Kindergarten

    1. Oh, I bought some cute stuff! Now I'm making some things - fun!

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