Thursday, May 9, 2013

Teacher Nerd Here

Only a teacher nerd would grab this:

Yes, I'm pretty sure it's a wasp's nest. And double YES, it is in a plastic baggie. I used the handle of a hoe to get it down, and put it right in the baggie. I'm pretty sure there weren't any wasps left after the winter. Anyway, I'm pretty sure my kids will be sufficiently grossed out/ thinking that's too cool when I show it to them tomorrow.

I have tomorrow, a full week and four days. I spent some time today trying to plan the last week of school. Don't tell anybody, but I really don't like the first week of school and the last week of school. For the last week, I want to do fun things, but I don't want them all getting waaaayyyy out of control. 

Our 2nd grade team is planning a fun day for one day that last week. Really a fun day is just extended recess with a popsicle somewhere in the middle :)  I'm also planning a free time - legos, games, computers - whatever they want to do.  

I'm also going to have the kids do "Awesome Awards." I got the idea from the Teacher Idea Factory (how appropriate!). The kids draw a name and make an Awesome Award for that student. She also had an idea for Sphere Races - and I'm going to try that. The kids make a sphere and then roll them down a ramp. They are trying to see who's will go the furthest.  

If the past years are an example, our principal will ask us to at least do something that involves language arts during our reading block. That's where I'm stuck. Any great ideas from anyone? Or just in general, what are you doing for your last week of school? 

Happy Friday tomorrow - Sara  

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  1. Hello Sara, I'm your newest follower! I love finding other 2nd grade teachers. I am looking forward to keeping an eye on your blog!
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