Friday, May 24, 2013

Baby I'm Back!

"School's out for summer!" - well, I was going to quote that, but then my hub-bub told me Alice Cooper sang it, and I thought better of it... but as you can see, I snuck it in anyway! {OK, is snuck not a word, because I'm getting a red squiggly line under it - whatever!}

Last week - um, did I tell you I don't like last weeks? Well, this year went pretty smoothly.  
Monday - I guess I was the only nerd that went ahead and did a reading block and centers. But really, it keeps some structure, and it is very UNstressful for me. My kids had been practicing reader's theaters, so we listened to about half of those for whole group and the centers were games with a small amount of reading involved. One was read the room - with words from phonics patterns we had been studying lately. I used The Teacher's Cauldron's Ahoy Matey packet 

Ahoy, Matey! Words with oi and oy 
 Ouch! Words with OW and OU
and also her Ouch packet, plus some of my own that I threw in. Another center was supposed to be Mel D's Candy Land game for diphthongs

 Candy Land Vowel Diphthong Game

but ahem, I couldn't exactly find my cards I KNEW I had already laminated. So I improvised, and use the Candy Land cards with old vocabulary words - they were supposed to read the vocabulary word and then do whatever action the Candy Land card told them to do. {I'm not sure they all did, but hey, it's the last week, just stay engaged and happy and I'll be happy!} The last center was some synonym and homonym puzzles I had. 

Monday afternoon was movie time.



They picked a good one - I was even chuckling as I worked on my room while they watched. 

Tuesday, we had our 2nd grade fun day. We went outside right after our specials and we played some

We let them eat in our rooms. We played some big group games and let them have some free time to play, followed by the ever popular freezer sticks.

{I don't know - what are these things really called???}

Wednesday - did reading block again, - we finished the Reader's Theaters, and in the afternoon I was lucky enough to have Art, so my kids went there and then to recess. Then we cleaned, cleaned, cleaned the room. Those little dorks were asking what else they could do.

Thursday - our school wide fun day. And I even had time for them to make Dirt Pudding - so enjoy that. And make paper airplanes and watch them get a Thrill out of flying them all over the room. Our school wide fun day is a bunch of outdoor games - they go to each for about 15 minutes. Why oh why do I always have some that fight or whine? It's FUN day! 
Then we came inside for the last hour and all but one of mine ran off to get autographs from other teachers. That's fine by me. 

Then hugs and good-byes and we're done!

I'm off to do some relaxing. 
Have you had your last day yet? What was the best part?


  1. Mine is coming soon. Enjoy your summer!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. Our last day with students isn't until June 5 but it's already hard to keep them on task. I hate the last weeks, too, especially when I'm behind on end of school projects!
    Enjoy your summer!
    Still Teaching After All These Years