Saturday, June 8, 2013

Cleaning Up Funnies

I've mentioned in a previous post {or 2} that I'm working on our back room in the basement. This room has become somewhat of a dumping ground for: 
* school stuff I have no idea what to do with
* books, his and mine, because why not have a library in your own home
* craft stuff - yarn, sewing things, stamps, paper, etc.
* photo albums that we have no where else to put
* and just about anything else that doesn't seem to "go" any where, but we're not quite ready to give up

So I was going through a pile of papers. They were all things that kids had made me. Some I kept because they made me go "awww."A bunch I tossed, because... well, that's why I'm working on this room - to get rid of some stuff - and those just didn't make the sentimental "awww" cut. 

And then there were these. I was going to toss them after I read them to my family. But as I was reading them, I started cracking up - so I might have to keep them, just for the laugh factor. 

It says: to: Mrs. Sanders I'm sorry about not bringing my yellow folder. please accusee me. I will look for it on the weekend. 
OK, so I used to have these yellow folders for the students to take things back and forth from school and home. She's obviously lost {ok, we can say misplaced} hers. But the part I chuckled about was please accusee me. Whatever you want, honey. 

This cute picture has Mr. Sanders labeled and Blondie labeled. And then some other people and a caterpillar. I guess I'm just an extra in this child's mind! {I just hope I'm not the caterpillar!}

As soon as I started reading this, my nineteen year old said, "Oh, no." I'm not familiar with this song, and maybe this student shouldn't be either - however she IS making connections!! The letter says, "I heard a song that went
'Sush girl shut you're lips. Do the Helen Keller and talk with you're lips.'
{We might have just learned about contractions, so we HAVE to use them.} And then my student adds, It has Helen Keller like in our story and that video we watched. 
Yes, thank you for noticing!

This letter is the one I just couldn't get through. It says:
Full of Beauty. I love Beauty. And just like the book Sleeping Beauty. Mrs. Sanders is Sleeping Beauty, the beauty of Queens. (look on the back) Mrs. Sanders is Mrs. Queen of the world. She gets to boss everybody around. But in a nice ways! :) Good Luck. 

Is the good luck because I'll need as I try to boss everybody around? For some reason, my family was really cracking up on this one. I just don't understand! 

Oh, there's your chuckle for the day! I hope you're smiling - I am. 
Have a great weekend! Sara

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  1. I think that last one could be turned into a rap. Pretty cute!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First