Friday, June 28, 2013

Insects, Part 2

Just an addition to my Insects post from yesterday!

I realized I DID have some of the graphic organizers I used - they are here at the house because whenever I get around to start thinking about school stuff later this summer - well, here they will be! 

So here we go- 

This is from Deanna Jump's unit - but she had the kids do something else with it. I just cut out the picture and copied it. Then the kids glued it on a piece of notebook paper. We added facts that were true for all {or most - like wings} insects and then when we got done, they put it in their Insect Folder.

How can you not like my cute bee? After we drew this, we made it into kind of a bubble map and added facts about bees.

This may be sideways, just because that's the way my morning is going. This was for ants. They actually had a sub this day. They made a list of facts about ants.

I guess there isn't a rotate button in Blogger. This is my dragonfly page. Notice our cute dragonfly with the Huge eyes {and because the kids thought we needed to, we added 6 little tiny legs. Then, as you can tell if you can read sideways, we added facts about dragonflies. 

My plan for today is to try to rest this afternoon, then after my daughter gets off work, she and I are driving to the big city so that tomorrow we can watch Les Mis performed live! I'm a little excited! 

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