Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thanksgiving Books

Ooh, I so wanted to join this linky party:
Because this book:


Is cracking me up - I mean literally Laugh Out Loud! I was laughing and just about couldn't read. It's the part where the little boy is supposed to have something in his thankful bag, but he forgot, so he says he's thankful for the bag. And the teacher is like, "Really?" So the boy decides he is thankful for his shirt. And then I was just picturing him turning his shirt all around so he could read what was on the tag. 

Really, who couldn't love a book where people are thankful for Exploding Biscuits, Jelly in a Can, Rainbow Sprinkles, and of course, Toilet Paper!

I have a couple others I like - 

We are having a cold, blustery day today - and it's our Thanksgiving meal at school. I'm eating with my kiddos, because nothing says teacher love like sitting in the middle of a bench table eating pressed turkey :)
Ah, really, it's something I wanted to do - and boy, do they love to talk to me when I eat lunch with them! 
Happy Week until Thanksgiving!


  1. I have never read that Junie B. book! A Turkey For Thanksgiving is my F.A.V.O.R.I.T.E. I think it is the expressions! You are one great teacher! I can picture you on that bench seat. They sure do love it when they have YOU - just really YOU- not "teacher you." :)
    Happy Almost Weekend!
    Kindergarten: Holding Hands and Sticking Together

    1. Junie B is so funny. The kids just had no idea why I was laughing, but when I explained, they all started laughing, too.
      Lunch was pretty good - and then indoor recess.
      So ready for Friday! Sara

  2. I also love A Turkey for Thanksgiving! I read it to my kids today. : ) We had our Thanksgiving lunch today also. I haven't read the Junie B book, I'll have to check it out.
    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

    1. I'm saving Turkey for Thanksgiving for next week. Can't wait.
      Did you eat with your kids? Or is the Thanksgiving lunch a big deal at your school?
      Are you getting the winter storms? I can hear the wind blowing out my bedroom wall - brrr!

  3. I love Junie B. a lot and that one is particularly good. I think all the 1st grader ones are the best. They do love it when you have lunch with them, don't they. Makes me want them to have lunch with me in the classroom more often.

    First in Maine

    1. I did not read fast enough, and we didn't finish our Thanksgiving Junie B - boo hoo.
      Yes, they like having lunch with us - I don't know why I don't do it more often. It's a pretty easy way to connect with a bunch of my kiddos at the same time!

  4. I've got A Turkey for Thanksgiving too. My kids also enjoy Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

    1. My kids really enjoyed A Turkey for Thanksgiving. I think some of them were feeling bad for that poor old turkey!
      I found a video on youTube of Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving and we showed that as part of our reward party on the day before break. I think they liked that, too!