Saturday, February 8, 2014


Good Saturday Morning!

Where should I start? 

OK, first, as I told one of my blogger friends, I was beginning to despair of getting a snow day this year. And I don't remember a year, even when my daughter was in school, that we didn't have at least one snow day. But we hit pay-dirt on Tuesday and Wednesday. I worked like mad both mornings - and not on school stuff! and watched TV and goofed in the afternoon. 

Which brings me to this:

Sorry the second one is a little blurry, I was trying to get his back and they were walking. 

First day back - The important thing is that as I took this picture, it was 8 degrees out; wind chill some mind numbing number. I mean, it's cold! And these two sweeties are wearing T-Shirts. Hello!!!

{The girl asked why I was taking her picture, and I told her I was going to show Mr. S. what she was wearing today. And she said, because it's so cold, right? Ummm, yes!}

One little share thing that I caught on a blog - and this time I know which blog!!! Teaching Maddenness wrote about a comprehension strategy she calls the Rainbow Strategy. She has them use a crayon to underline a question, and then the same crayon to underline where the answer is in the passage. 

I have a comprehension intervention group that meets each morning. We had some books, but they were just too hard for these guys. So new books are on order, but I've got to have something to do until they come. We were working on characters - so I had them use yellow to underline what Emily said; red to underline what Emily did; and green to underline what Emily thought. Sorta like this:

{I like this short passage I got off of Reading A-Z.} You might notice that this little friend underlined what Mom said - no, no, no! 
Of course, we didn't get to the discussion part, so we'll do that Monday. 

So yeah, it's Saturday and the temp is way up to 18 degrees already this morning {brrr} - and my bubby is telling me he wants to head out for lunch. I'd better go bundle up! Have a great weekend.


  1. I know!!! My first graders were wearing short sleeves yesterday! I think I had three layers on. Love that comprehension strategy. Definitely a keeper. Happy Saturday!

    1. Even my always warm husband is wearing long sleeves!
      Yes, this comprehension idea is a quick, easy and pretty painless one!

  2. Congrats on your snow days. Many districts around mine got one on Friday. Me? Nope. :(
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

    1. Yes, I was doing the happy dance about our snow days. Sorry you didn't get one - it's really hard when everybody around is drinking hot cocoa, reading their favorite book, etc. while you're not :(
      Maybe your time will still come!