Tuesday, June 10, 2014

What I'm reading on a Tuesday

Wait, you might say. It's not Monday, it's Tuesday. And I would answer, yes, but it's summer. And really, who can argue with that?

I am reading this great summer read book --

{Please don't google Silver Girl, because apparently that's a "thing" - a bunch of things I'd rather not see!}
Anyway, to me, this book is a fictional version of Bernie Madoff's wife. And in this book, nobody wants to talk to her, or help her, or anything, except for one old high school friend whom she hasn't talked to in 3 years. I'm enjoying reading this book at night until I get too tired to read any more.

This is on my Kindle:

yes, the title is so tiny that who can read it? It's "Composing Amelia." Amelia is a young woman who wants to be a concert pianist. Her husband wants to be a pastor and he gets a job offer in Nebraska. Well, that's all the further I've gotten because I've only been reading this when I've been waiting. 

I love my Kindle!


 It fits right in my purse and is light weight, so when I get stuck some where, I can just pull it out and start reading!

I'm also reading this:

still, for my summer class. It's a bit thought provoking, but I definitely wouldn't be reading it except for this class. 

I have not gotten to my own stack of professional development books yet. Crossing my fingers for this week. 

And that's what I'm reading!


  1. I finished The Fault in Our Stars. It was hard to put down. I'm on to some other reads, but I also have a pile of teachery books I need to get to.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

    1. I liked "Fault in our Stars," too. I only cried in the middle - haha. What else are you reading? That seems like the most productive thing I'm doing lately.