Monday, June 2, 2014

What I'm Reading

What ya reading?

I saw this over at Books First in Maine, and of course, I was thinking "I wanna play!" so here's what's going on in my little head:

Very much a summer read! Easy on the brain!

We bought my daughter a Kindle Fire for her birthday, so I'm reading this off her old-fashion Kindle. {And I keep accidentally turning the pages!} Apparently, I'm gonna cry as I read this book. I don't know. But I do find it a good read - I'm enjoying turning the pages on it.

And I've taken a week break from school related stuff, so now I'm ready to do some thinking - this is one of my choices.

And I will probably need to start this because it's for my online class that starts today, LOL.

I am not reading any children's books. I think I need to go shopping first. I like Books First in Maine's suggestion of Popeye and Elvis. I've put that on my wish list.

And a funny aside - College Girl is taking a Speech class out at the community college and they had to read a book out loud last week. She picked:

One of my favs - I read it every year at the beginning of school. 

Are you reading anything fun? Wanna share?


  1. No school reads yet... I'm trying so hard to relax for awhile. What class are you taking?


    1. I haven't gotten to my school read either - haha, I'll have something for next werk's list. I'm trying to get my ESOL endorsement, so this class is called cultural diversity. It is stretching my little technology brain!

  2. I borrowed The Fault in Our Stars from my niece. It will be my first read of the summer.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

    1. Finished it the other night - I enjoyed it. I like books that make me want to keep turning the pages, even if I do end up staying up too late.

      Are you done yet? I hope the end is going well for you. Have a good weekend, Sara