Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thankful for N....

I saw this over the weekend at the Tattoed Teacher's blog - Today is:

Those little sweet petes that spend 7 hours a day in my class. From the kid who was supposed to be a behavior problem, who now likes to tell me little jokes; and my friend who asks if I want a hug; and the quiet little guy who gets a little smile when I excitedly tell him, "Yes, you got it!" to my friend who used to annoy me because he wanted to "help" too much - now I just say thanks and let him. 

And then I thought of the diving they do when somebody accidentally spills their pencil box, or the kid that shared a precious bookmark with a disappointed friend - who has trouble making friends. 

And I remembered the way they try to keep each other out of trouble - "Shhh!" or "You're not supposed to!"

Yup, pretty thankful for another bunch of good ones!


  1. I'm so thankful for kids too. The make it so much easier to head back to work after a lovely week off.

    1. Today was definitely a Monday! My kiddos were tired and not very responsive. What about you?