Monday, February 2, 2015

102 Days of School

So don't you hate when this happens?
Last week, the kindergarten teacher next door to the newbie teacher decorated her door for the 100th Day of School. Newbie teacher asks, "Is this a big deal? Do I need to do something?" No, no, I reassure her. 


My kids came in and asked, "What are we doing for the 100th day?"

"Well," I said as I was thinking as quick as I could, "We are 2nd graders. We don't celebrate the 100th day of school. We celebrate the 102nd day of school!" {Just bought myself 2 days, if you didn't notice!}

Only one of my smart little friends told me they didn't celebrate the 101st day of school last year. To which I replied that they didn't have a cool teacher last year. Haha!

Plus, you can not make this fun rhyme with 100, now can you???

So what'd we do? Well, we have this little bit, 5-10 minutes, of time in the morning where I usually have them read. But on 102 day, I asked them what they would do with 102 pieces of candy, and if it was 102 degrees outside, or if it was 102 degrees below zero. 

Then in math, we counted out 102 blocks - there were different kinds, like Legos, linking cubes, and shape blocks. Each student counted out 102 and put them in a baggie. {For later!!!}

Most of the rest of our day was normal, but I have this little half hour after reading and before writing {because of when the SpEd people can get in my room}, so everybody got a bag of blocks and they could build whatever they wanted with their 102 blocks.

It was really a pretty simple celebration - made a little special by it being 102 days. But it was fun!

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  1. Nice thinking on your feet there! Looks like fun.