Thursday, February 5, 2015

Kansas Day

The fun times just keep on comin' in 2nd grade. 

Last Thursday was Kansas Day - and since we had an in-service on Friday, it was the last day of the school week. Perfect day for some fun. 

So the four 2nd grade teachers divided our classes into three groups and we did rotations. One teacher showed some videos of some cool Kansas things - like we have a salt mine in Hutchinson that I guess is huge! {I don't know what else he showed videos of - it might have been Sponge Bob for all I know!}

I did a Bingo game with the kids - but with a little twist. They had Bingo boards with the answers. On the SmartBoard, I used the Random Word Chooser, and wrote out clues. For example, "Number of Counties" - and the answer is... 105. So the kids would have that on their board. Or "State Mammal," which all the kids know is the Bison! I think if we do this next year, I need to shorten the list of answers because it took a while for anyone to get a Bingo. I do like using the clues, however, to get those little friends thinking!!

The other two teachers took the kids outside for some old fashioned games. I don't remember at all what they played - but it sounded like they had loads of fun. And the newbie teacher got to show all the groups how to do the games, so she got her exercise in for the day! 

Tomorrow we are having pajama day! What fun!!

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