Saturday, May 23, 2015

Last Day 2015

Yep, that's me in my Happy Last Day of School shirt -- with a long sleeve shirt underneath, and a hoodie in my hand.  I even took my lighter winter coat! Brrr, it was cold outside. 

But God was good to us -- it rained on Tuesday, A Lot! And in this drought ridden area of the country, you just don't like to say, no thanks, God. But no rain on Wednesday and Thursday was our last day, and no rain. {And it drizzled all day Friday.} Our PE teacher plans a whole bunch of outdoor activities - and the kids rotate around every 15 minutes. It is a nice way to end the year. 

I actually think the cooler weather was good, because my little friends weren't fighting and fussing like they sometimes do on the last day. 

The last full week, I just wasn't ready to say goodbye to this group of kiddos. And then Monday, yep -- we're done. LOL. 

We had our 2nd grade Fun Day on Tuesday -- indoors, because of all that rain. And it was nice and fun. And we had a movie day on Wednesday -- and that was nice and fun. And Thursday -- I told them it was my fun day, too, and it was. 

I gave everybody a book on Wednesday:

Thank you Scholastic -- they make it fairly easy for a teacher to get enough books that everyone in the class can not only get one, but get one they really want.

And now, hub-bub and I are off to College Town to see College Girl, who will turn 21 on Monday. What? How did that happen!!! She's turned out to be a good one, so I guess it's ok. :)

And then, hopefully, some sleep! 


  1. Great book giveaway!!! Happy end of the year and a fantastic summer ahead!!

  2. Happy last day, happy birthday to college girl, and happy summer break!