Tuesday, July 14, 2015

One Month {again}

Sunday was 
dum, dum, dum
one month til I have kids in the classroom!
Yikes, how is that possible? 
Read this post to hear about my excitement!

OK, gotta start with this:

This picture just cracks me up -- every time I look at it. Our zoo is pretty nice for a town our size. Our lions just had 5 {!!!!!} cubs, and they let them out in the yard for the first time about a day or two before I got down there. Anyway, the male is in a different cage, just over there, so to speak, and momma lion is trying to show him one of the cubs. He was quite stubborn and wouldn't look, the little stinker!

OK - a little school stuff. Hub-bub and I went down on Saturday to move furniture. My newbie teammate - yeah, her furniture all went back where it was. Me -- big pile in the middle of the room. I don't mind -- much! Had to wear my KU momma shirt for that! 

My furniture is all arranged -- I wait on the chairs because it's much easier to move the desks, if I need to. 

I've also been looking at these books:

And making notes and so on. 

Looking forward to the best year ever -- don't we always say that? Well, personally, I just keep getting better! I bet you do too!!


  1. Hi Sara! Yikes! It is getting so close to my "one month" too. I report back on August 17th, kids the 21st. Your room is coming along...I popped in yesterday and they are still cleaning in my building so no setting up yet!

    Teaching Little Miracles

  2. Love your books and your notes! Thanks for sharing. Yep, I do get better and better, what a relief. Happy summer!

  3. I recognize many of those books! By the way, I'm making my own set of notes. Finally, no more reminding us how close we are to the end of summer. :)