Monday, August 31, 2015

Good Enough

So I have this little, mini Superheroes theme going on in my classroom. I had the kids decorate the door with Superheroes. I bought some Superheroes signs and put them up above my shelves {sorry no pic of that}.

And I had this great idea -- I'd give all my student jobs a cool name. I even found a website that would give you Superhero names. Well, couldn't come up with enough {that I liked} for all my jobs.

Then I had these primary colored library pockets -- and I was going to type the job name on contrasting primary colored paper and glue it on. But when I went to go buy the paper --- whoa momma! I'm a teacher here people!

And days were slipping away, and I was doing all the student jobs, which made me think, "This is no fun."

So I did this:

And yes, it's all blurry and everything -- but basically, I just printed the names off on white paper and glued them on to these pretty library cards. Good enough. Done. And now I can have students do these jobs. 

And this all made me think, that if you're anything like this teacher -- well, it just seems like I want to wait until it's all perfect... but really, sometimes it's better just to do it and move on. 


  1. Amen Sister. Do you know who Rick Morris is? He's a former teacher that now does presentations. He has great ideas. Anyway, I heard him speak one time and one of his things is "Sometimes good enough is good enough." It's so true. Have a good week!

  2. So true! I gotta get over the "beautiful" and just get real. Thanks for sharing your room!

  3. I'll all about keeping it simple. There are so many other important things to tackle.