Sunday, August 16, 2015

First Days

I've started!

A half day Thursday and a full day Friday led this teacher to fall asleep by 7:30 -- and that's when we were watching one of MY shows, not hub-bub's! lol

So.... I don't know if you remember my discussion about Connecting, but I wanted my new students to know that I care about them and I'm glad they are in my class. For the first time, we had Open House on the evening before the first day of school. So I made these signs, and hung two outside my door, and one just inside:

Well, I didn't do as much with these as I had hoped and anticipated -- getting back into the routine, not writing it on my lesson plans, and just plain forgetting --- well, it made me forget! But even as I was typing this right now, I thought -- why can't I still do something with these signs? I plan to take them down Monday morning, but I thought I could still show them to the students when we do our morning meeting and talk about them, and tell them that Yes! I am excited to meet them, and why! So that, my friends, is my new plan!

Have you had your first day yet? How did it go?