Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Stone Soup

I've got a teammate {love her to pieces!} who's always thinking of fun, creative, exciting ideas.

Like, "Let's do Stone Soup right before Thanksgiving!" Why not? 

So we got all the kids to bring a can of veggies or crackers or juice boxes -- yep, all of mine but 2 did. {I don't know if I'm considered mean, but I "make them work" if they don't bring. So those two boys helped me bring some stuff in from my car and put stuff out on desks. It was about 10 minutes of work during their recess.} 

Everyone got to "toss" their veggies in the crockpot. And look!!!

Oh my goodness... It almost wouldn't all fit in the crockpot!

So my kids broke down into about 4 groups --
I barely tried a bite; don't like it.
I picked out all the stuff I like and ate it and a ton of crackers.
I told Mrs. S. I liked it, but I left half a bowl and ate a ton of crackers.
I liked it and still ate a ton of crackers. 

I was happily surprised at how good it was. 

And since I figured the day was shot -- we played some math games and tried to do a Froot Loops math activity {which I didn't leave enough time for, so soon it became, "just eat your froot loops!}

Pretty good day for just before break. 

Happy Thanksgiving, friends. Hope it's just the type of break you need - whether that be peaceful and restful, or get bunches done, or reconnect with family and friends. 


  1. Great soup!!! Lovely memories for your youngsters! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. It was fun. This is one of those things I'm reluctant to do, but turns out so great. I'm glad I have a teammate with fun ideas! Happy Thanksgiving weekend to you! Sara

  3. I bet the room smelled delicious. :)

  4. That sounds perfect! You know, I've never made stone soup at school. One of these days ... :)