Monday, July 17, 2017


This post starts with a vent and ends with reflection. Just so you know going in!

You might have read that this past school year, was not my favorite. {If not, and you're interested - see here -- and I won't bore you with all the other links.} 
I had a class that was.... interesting... challenging.... different than I'd ever had before. And this was compounded by the fact that we got a new literacy coach and a new math coach. The literacy coach's room was right across the hall from me. Yikes! And there were a couple times that I wanted to say to both of them -- this isn't normal for me. I'm trying to figure this out! I'm doing the best I can right now. 

And to be honest, I felt a little judged. 

So now, after I can look back a little better -- I wonder about a couple of my little friends in my room last year {and maybe from other years, also}. Do they feel judged? Do they feel like they just can't get it right? Do they feel like they make one misstep after another and oops, again? 

I hope not. 

But as I go forward, I want to do a better job of being inclusive; of reminding that we all make mistakes; that it is worth it to try again; and I accept you, and you, and you. Really, truly, I do. 

{Sometimes it's scary to write things like this. I end up feeling like I'm the only one who had that kid that just rubs me the wrong way; or can get under my skin without me even realizing what's happening.} 


  1. Sara,
    This was amazing! You have spoken the words that many feel. The being judged and wondering if our students feel that also. Thanks for the reminder to me about an inclusive classroom as I start to get my heart back into teaching and the coming school year.
    Best wishes always,

  2. I love this. Those last few sentences. Wow. I wish I had written them. Sometimes I have to remind myself that it's okay if kids have bad days or moments when they're off. As the teacher, I push myself to not have too many off moments. For the sake of the children, I have to be "on." But I know I forget that kids are in a different place, and I have to allow them grace.