Thursday, June 22, 2017

There goes another.....

I had these shoes that were very comfortable -- Ecco's -- but in my humble little teacher's opinion, they are a little expensive - over $100. But man, were they comfortable! Yes! 

But then they started not being so comfortable. And every time I'd wear them, I'd just wonder why they weren't as great as they used to be. 

And one day I came home and noticed this:

If you can't tell, the whole heel has split in two - sideways. {And I have no idea what the water stain is about???}

{This is not the first time this has happened -- other story! I must be hard on shoes; or teachers do a lot of walking/standing. I'm not sure. :)}

I thought this would be a funny little story to tell my students, so I shared it with them. And one of them says, "I saw that your shoe was doing that." And another said, "Me, too." And I'm thinking, ummm, why didn't you tell me? 


  1. Your students responses made me chuckle. Hope you can find some good shoes for next year!

  2. You need to put up your feet a little more often. (Yeah right!) :)