Saturday, March 17, 2012

End of Spring Break :(

How has this happened? It is Saturday - end of Spring Break. The good part is I've really restrained from doing school work. Yea me! The bad news is - I don't want to go back. I love staying in my jammies until noon, piddling around the house, getting little things done. 
 Ok, next week - what am I doing? A couple ideas - I'm glad I was looking at this, because I remembered I wanted to do the Splash idea from Denise (at Sunny Days in Second Grade) for our next story. 
We'll have some time on Friday and I want to do something fun connected to our story. The story is "Half-Chicken" about a chicken that becomes a weather vane. I saw some weather vane ideas, and I may do that - but you gotta have pencils and pushpins, and oh, brother I hardly have any more school money.  Well, what do you know? While I was looking up a link for the weather vane, I found this site that has all sorts of wind science ideas - and some that might even be easy to implement :) And then when I was looking at that, I realized I had some printouts already printed to make a pinwheel - which of course, I'll still need pencils and pushpins for. Oh well.
And while wandering around, just trying to find some different art projects, I stumbled on to Art Projects for Kids and this Watercolor and Salt Painting of a rooster.  God is good :) She even tells how to draw the rooster. Yea!
Have a good weekend - I'm off to relax - and work on my Christmas album - March already and I haven't even done Christmas 2011. 

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