Sunday, March 25, 2012

Work Weekend!

Work Weekend for me! My daughter (who usually hogs the computer :) is out of town, so I'm spending the weekend getting lessons, etc. done. Our reading units are 5 weeks long, so I usually like to plan those 5 weeks at one time - so that's what I'm working on and when I get done with that, we'll only have 1 more full week and then 4 days! Woo Hoo (not that I'm keeping track, of course!)

Sometimes I just have to laugh at myself. Last week, I was frantically looking for a little something extra to do on Friday afternoon. Ha on me! We always have a big Pep Assembly for our 3rd and 4th graders who have to take the state assessments. And this year, my 2nd grade team was in charge of it. That pretty much took the whole afternoon. So we didn't get to do our rather cool Watercolor and Salt Painting of Roosters. Maybe next year. 

Last week, we had a little extra time in the mornings (because we didn't have our reading intervention groups), so we talked about idioms one morning. Then I had them fold a piece of paper in half. On one side they drew what an idiom sounds like it means. On the other side, they needed to draw and write about what it really means. They did a nice job. (no pictures, sorry.) One example was "stomach was tied in knots." Some of the kids drew a stomach actually tied in knots. On the other side, they talked about how it really meant someone was nervous. 

I don't really have any cool ideas to share this week. Does anyone else use Houghton Mifflin Harcourt's JOURNEYS for reading? It is so much more "serious business" than our old reading series. Anyway, don't have any fun "connection" activities planned to go along with the story for next week. 

AND I haven't seen any cute math ideas lately to share. On the Leap Day sale at TpT, I purchased Toad-Ally in Love Math Centers by Lory Evans. I need to print the rest of those and laminate them, so I can put them out in math centers. These are really cute, and the ones I've already used seem to keep my students working (which I like!).

Alright, me - back to work! Hope you have a good weekend, whether you are working or enjoying the beautiful weather.


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