Monday, September 24, 2012

Math Fact

Today went well. Yep, my life is a series of ups and downs. Today was our PE day - no sub. So I just took my kiddos outside and I took my math book to try to do some thinking and planning.

Then this afternoon... to back up a bit, last week I tried to get all my kids going on xtra math. Ha! Logging in was a chore! First of all, the kids have to log in using my school email address. Needless to say, that's long! So most of them didn't get much done.

So for some reason (I don't understand why, but I'm smiling about it.) the sysop at our school asked if I wanted a cart of laptops. Of course I said YES! So today, I got all my kids either on a desktop or a laptop and told them to try again. I went around and helped {I always start these crazy sessions by asking, how many of me are there? One, they answer. How many of you are there? 21, they answer. So hopefully they will be a little bit patient.}

As we were finishing up our time, I went to my own computer to check out how they did and for about 5 of them, it showed no activity. So I made those 5 get back on. Obviously still trial and error, but I am hoping, hoping, hoping that this will help them get their math facts down pat!

To that end, I also made a simple center activity. I made little cards that have matching math facts. In the past I've done a matching activity with the math fact and the answer. This time they match 2 different math facts. For example 2+2 (=4 but the answer isn't on the card) and 3+1 (also =4, but again, the answer isn't on the card. Click here to a link to this (I hope, I'm just too tired to do all the double checking). Very simple, but print it on pretty paper and there you go :)

We have a central make-it-take-it center, so sometimes I just laminate paper and use die cuts for this type of thing. Sometimes I type them up and cut out rectangles. Just depends on me :)

Anyway, little idea I thought I'd throw out there. Hope your Monday went well!

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