Thursday, September 6, 2012


Testing, testing, testing. I started mine today. Our district just started using Aimsweb this year. The reading was actually not bad. My students read 3 passages and I was able to do the running record part of that on the computer. (I hope nobody is saying, oh brother, that's so old.) To me, kinda cool. So as soon as they were done reading the passages, I had a score for them.
Oh, my poor little sweeties. Five of them are below average - way below.
Were any of you like this in your first year? A student looks confident, acts confident and has coping skills that make it look like they can read, so (poor newbie teacher) Mrs. S. thinks they can.
Well, now with this, I'm know which students need help - intensive help. They can try to fool me, but now I know.
Math is next week - not sure it will be as cool. It's a paper/pencil test that I'll have to score and then enter.
So I brought all my guided reading stuff home tonight to work on - didn't get to it. 
But tomorrow's Friday!!    


  1. We have used AIMS web for several years now (4, I think). I love that you can do the running records on the computer. And, if you ever have computer issues, you can do the paper pencil and still add the data (we run into this sometimes during the year when we progress monitor).

    The math looks atrocious, I know. But, once you get that scoring down, you'll start flying through them. Just don't do what I did my first time which was to assign one point to each...I thought my entire class was going to need intervention. Thank goodness I caught my error!

    Primarily Speaking

    1. Well, now a week later, we still haven't done the math. Hopefully somneone will explain the scoring to me. :) But thanks for the heads up on that.

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  3. I LOVED YOUR comment on our blog!!! Thank you, Stephanie