Saturday, May 10, 2014

Happy May Day

Ok, this is only 10 days slow, but it turned out to be a pretty wonderful thing. 

When I was a girl...
we did a real dance thing around a Maypole. It was so much fun. We'd weave in and out, around people, and if some dork, I mean boy, messed things up, Well! 
And my mom always had us make May baskets and we'd run them over to the neighbors and ring the doorbell and run like crazy. Ah, so much fun!

So I tried to explain all of this to my class. And then they made little tiny May baskets. And got to pick two pieces of candy for it. {And this is the cutest aside, but they had their choice of Starburst and/or raspberry Kisses. Two pieces of candy, any combination. Most of them picked one of each, and everybody that could picked a pink Starburst - because you know, those are the best. Those little givers :)}

Everybody drew a name out of the hat and that's the person they made their May basket for. And some of them were sneaky and their person never knew. {Love my little friend that said he was sneaking in like a ninja!} And some of them just handed their May basket to their person. 

And I love doing these kinds of things. Because it helps them be a giver. And it helps them think about doing something for someone else. And they get a little chance to be creative. And it's fun.

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