Sunday, May 11, 2014

Last Full Week

I'm doing a little Happy Dance!

{and I love Calvin and Hobbes!}

Monday starts my last full week of school. 

I was feeling a little sad for my sweeties. We didn't do any field trips this year. It's a sad combination of several things. 

So I decided I wanted this week to be a little bit more
And consequently, I've planned sort of a "theme" day for each day next week. 

Monday is stuffed animal day. I'm truly hoping that I said this enough times on Friday that my little friends remember. I do have about 6 or 7 stuffed animals hanging out in my room, so I can rescue anybody that needs it. LOL

Tuesday is hat day. Ah, why is such a little thing such a big deal? I do have some slight concerns that some of my little friends Will Not Make it even to lunch with their hat still in their possession - ie, not in my possession. But we shall see.

Wednesday - outdoor day. I have a shortened math block on Wednesday, so I thought we'd go outside and do some graphing type stuff. And do a read aloud outside. And do some partner reading outside. And maybe sneak in a snack. Just don't know for sure about that!

Thursday - Bubble day - Target had packs of 3 bubbles for $1. Couldn't pass that up. So now every little friend will have some bubbles of their own. And some bubble gum. Because that's just so naughty at school - haha.

Friday - Sit where you want and write with a pen. I mean really! Write with a pen! Sit where you want! This is going to be great! And eat in the classroom. Which for some reason we haven't done all year, either. 

And this little tidbit made me chuckle. On Friday, when I was explaining they could bring a stuffed animal on Monday, I asked, do you want to know about the rest of the week? Yes, yes, yes, said most. But a few didn't want to know. So I told those few that didn't want to know to head out into the hall for a minute while I told the rest. Haha, all of a sudden it seems like most of them would rather be in the hall for 1 minute than find out what we are doing for the rest of the week.


  1. I'm doing a happy dance with you. Have fun this week. It sounds like you will!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

    1. Thank you my friend. I'm not sure how to make hat day more exciting than just wearing hats, but maybe I can do something - like graph them! Now I gotta go pick out my hat! Have a good week yourself! Sara

  2. What a fun week. Next year I want to do something like this...
    Have a wonderful last, full week.

    1. Alyce, you were the Force yesterday! That doesn't even compare to my little theme days!!! Oh, isn't it fun to let down our hair a little?? Sara