Monday, May 19, 2014

Theme Days

Reporting on my last of the year theme days I did last week:

Monday - Stuffed animals - the kids loved bringing their stuffed animals, and carting them around every place they went. My rule was they had to fit in their back pack. I don't know how one boy got a {it had to be!} six foot stuffed snake in his, but he did. And I don't know how another boy got a 2 1/2 foot Rudolph in his, but he did. And I ended up having to make a "stuffed animal jail." 

"But, Mrs. S., the stuffed animal didn't do anything wrong," wailed one little friend. 
"He caused trouble, didn't he?" is my caring reply.

 See what I mean about Rudolph???? And guess who made it to jail - that's right Rudolph and the snake. Imagine my surprise!

Tuesday - Hat day - Fun, fun, fun. And only a few hats ended up in jail!

Wednesday - Outdoor day - wonderful, super, great, I enjoyed. We did math outside - tallying and graphing different outdoor things. We did phonics outside - find long vowel words - hopefully multi-syllable words. We did reading outside - on the slide, on the swing, on the jungle gym. I enjoyed this day so much! 

Thursday - Bubble Day - boo hiss, probably not going to do this again. The bubble gum, while a hit with the kids - they got it all over their face. And one kiddo kept his and had it after lunch - ummm, gross! And the bubbles to blow that I bought for them. Let's try smashing the bottles. Just aggravating. 
{Before I got aggravated - and my hub-bub reminded me, I was probably only aggravated at 2-3 of them.} 

Friday - Write with a pen, sit where you want. Well, writing with a pen, OK, not the best, but OK. Sit where you want. I let them change seats every time we came back in the room, so it was pretty good. But then they started talking too much, and I threatened sad times - and then I followed up with sad times, and those little dorks liked sad times - 

{Sad times is desks all separated out.}

So onward and upward - crazy last week.  More to report later!


  1. Your sad times moment made me giggle, although I'm sure you weren't giggling in the moment. :)
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

    1. Well, Tammy, as soon as everybody wanted their desk in sad times, I was laughing at them. You just never know, do we?