Friday, December 5, 2014


I just love Krista Wallden's clip art - you can see it right up there on my header - and over on the side with that cute little frame I put around "Joy to the World."


And she is so sweet - she gives lots of clip art away. And for somebody that isn't selling products, it's just wonderful! 

She is doing E.L.F. this Christmas. Everybody Loves Freebies. 
And then she put a little twist on her freebie - she gives some selfless challenges. I admit I didn't do that good on week 1 - she had some ideas like send a real letter, send an encouraging post-it, and make something to share with others. Well, I made something for my class, and I thought I'd try to share it with you. Here's the hopeful share:

I had read an idea about giving each kid a card with a number on it - and then you call out a number and they try to find a partner to make that number. So I give the kids a card between 1 - 9, call out 10, and they try to find a partner to make 10 (or two partners!). We did it the other day before practice for the music concert, and they enjoyed it. 

So even if you can't get my Google Drive deal to work - you could just type up some numbers real quick and play.

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