Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Teaching Essentials

Little bit of a teacher nerd here - I've been waiting forever for this:
Unfortunately it came about the same time as College Girl did - so you know which one has gotten more attention :)
This is an author my bloggy friend Tammy at Forever in First has talked about often. After thinking and lurking and reading the sample pages at Amazon, I finally bit the bullet and bought this.
I'm afraid it's going to be one of those scary / exciting reads.
I have three little friends this year that are reading way below grade level. And they have progress monitoring every two weeks. And their graph looks like 
because they aren't consistent and they aren't moving up.
And yet, at the very first of her book, Routman says, "Once children enter the doors of our schools and classrooms, we have an obligation to ensure they reach their full potential."
So my goal for this next semester is to work toward that for all my students, especially my three little friends.


  1. Good luck Sara! So scary, we hope, we pray, we try many different approaches to help the children read, write, complete math problems. Time for me to check out a new book...

  2. Oh I hope you're loving it. Regie challenges me to be a better teacher for sure. I love all her books.

  3. Great book choice. I love that one. You can never go wrong with Regie!
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