Saturday, December 20, 2014

Last day

{Ack, no internet on my desktop, so I'm typing this on my iPad. Be careful for typos, because the only thing it seems to auto correct is the word iPads.} 

This must have been one tired teacher - I slept until 8:12 this morning, on my first day of winter break. That just never happens. 

Yesterday, our last day, went much better than I was fretting about. I didn't have any visitors - yay! We did district curriculum math problems, but I changed them up to candy canes and snowflakes - and we drew candy canes and snowflakes on our math papers to add some fun. 

We did reading centers - and I didn't do guided reading - shhh! I kept my door closed - so I could hear anybody come in - and my stuff ready if they did - but nobody did. It was fun to actually sit and listen to my little friends read books of their own choice - and sometimes question that choice with them. 

Then the afternoon - each of the four teachers planned a 20 minute fun segment. I just set out blocks and Legos and linking cubes and let them go at it. Another teacher had cookies for them to decorate and eat. One teacher planned some video segments about Christmas things - like blowing glass ornaments and how they make gingerbread cookies. And the last teacher just set out craft supplies and let them make things. It was fun. When we got done, I took them out to recess. Then we had 30 minutes in the room to just do whatever - and I gave out my traditional books - just laid them out on the table and let them pick. Some knew right away what they wanted and some just about couldn't decide. 

It wasn't near as bad as I was afraid it might be - and even the afternoon fun activities went well. It was a good last day - and now I'm ready to enjoy two weeks in my own home, hopefully sleeping late several more times!  


  1. Administrators don't always get that it's also important to give kids time to just read on their sharing thoughts....a value able time to practice all that you've been teaching them this year. Bravo to you!

  2. Sara, So glad your last day went well. :) The centers you did with your partners sound fun and low-keyed, very important. Enjoy sleeping in and reading books and being with your family!

  3. Sounds like a fun afternoon! Enjoy your break!

  4. Your last day sounds perfect:)
    Here's to another week of sleeping in. I'm all over that:)