Tuesday, June 30, 2015

I want you to know

Maybe you saw this on Facebook a while back. A teacher had her kids write her a note that started, "I want you to know..." Well, towards the end of the year, I did this.

I am going swimming this summer and going to Plymell with Raegan.

I'm going to miss you when it's summer.

I am going to be on swim team.

I had baseball practice yesterday

I want you to know what Minecraft is

These are just a sample -- I particularly LOVE the last one!!
This boy would often tell me stuff about Minecraft, and I just had no idea what he was talking about!

Several little friends told me about something they were going to do this summer - go swimming, play with a friend, etc. Some told me they weren't going to be coming back to our school next year - the one above where she says she's going to Plymell. Some were a little kiss up -- I'll miss you, you're the best teacher. One I couldn't read, and another didn't make sense. 

And then -- there were three that broke my heart. One boy told me he wasn't good at school. One student told me someone was hitting them, and another said a student from another class was calling them names. 

I really like to know what's going on with my students. Like my Minecraft friend, I know what he's interested in. 

But sometimes, in the ebb and flow of the classroom, and students who are a bit quiet or shy, I just don't find out things I need to know. 

I liked this and I plan to do it more frequently next year. It's a simple and easy idea that only takes 5 or so minutes. And it gives me a lot of information.


  1. I did this too and was surprised that I got some heart breaking notes. "I really want you to know.... that when my friends are mean to me I pretend it doesn't hurt, but it really hurts me." I wanted to cry and maybe punch the friends. :(

  2. Heartfelt for sure. I definitely want to do this next year.

  3. As I was reading I was thinking about how great it would be to do this at the beginning of the year, but doing it even monthly or quarterly would be a good idea too. On top of that you'd have a regular writing/handwriting sample. :)

  4. I like this a lot. I love how open it is, allowing a little glimpse into their minds and hearts in that moment. Sometimes we just need to be asked what we wish others could know.

    1. Ooh, Tammy, love this thought -- just need to be asked. It's true for me, so why shouldn't it be true for my little friends?