Friday, June 19, 2015

Summer Bucket List

Yesterday, at 4 o'clock, I was trying to decide whether or not to take my morning shower. Mind you, this was 4 pm! Ack!! Trust me, I was busy, just dirty {and probably stinky!}.

So I'm only a week behind on this little linky party, but here it goes anyway:

School: Yes, this is The Year where I really do some exploring on math stuff. I think last year, we were told we were going to do Engage NY, and I didn't really think it would last. But apparently I was wrong, because it's back this year. I have some books, and I know some blogs that do some good things -- I just need to get going on this! 

My daughter told me someone told her my name, Sara Sanders, sounds like a super hero name. So that got me to thinking -- I'm going to see about doing some super hero stuff, keeping in mind, I'm not one who goes all out decorating. 

And I always like to plan through Labor Day -- just helps me A Lot with the first of the year stuff. 

Personal: Yes, cleaning out my basement was why I was dirty and stinky at 4 in the afternoon. Does anyone else's basement just become a catch-all, for everything?  For a while, every summer, my daughter and I would work on the basement... and it would feel like that's all we would do all summer. So then we decide to take just one week and go at it hard. I'm all by myself this year, but I'm halfway through. And doing pretty good with it.

Fun: It hasn't gotten too hot here yet {forecast is for 100 this weekend, though} and my hubby's out of town this week {he doesn't like anything that even comes close to warm!} so I've eaten supper outside -- and loved it. Just relaxing and all my bird friends talking to me. 

And phone a friend - yep - done that twice, no wait, three times. A chance to sit and visit with a friend I haven't seen in a while - terrific!

If you're interested, or want to see what others are doing:

Happy Friday!


  1. Going through computer files is a good one, and definitely something I should think about doing. Amazing how a computer can get so cluttered! Have a great summer visiting with your daughter and friends :) Liz Tortolini

  2. Sounds like a great summer. A little professional, a little family, a little friend, a little house. Hope you have a wonderful summer!!!

  3. I'm working on math this summer too. I've got a large pile of math books I'm working my way through, which is giving me lots of think about!