Tuesday, June 16, 2015

End of the Year Video

I've been slowly trying to wade through all the "stuff" on my computer. I made the monumental decision to leave alone all the pictures -- oh my goodness, there are a lot of those! 

I've left for last my SCHOOL folder - and it's a Yikes! I've saved all sorts of things -- there was a time when people were giving away all sorts activities and files they had made, and I took everything! So there are files of things I don't even know why I saved them. 

But... as I was going through things, I found a powerpoint "video" I'd made last year and as I watched it, I sort of said, "darn it" to myself. I remembered {!!!} to take pictures of all the "good stuff" that year, so I had some shots of a craft we did at the first of the year, Apple Day, our new desks, leaf pictures we made, Thanksgiving turkeys we made with pasta, traditional gingerbread people and houses, the goofy things they did on the last day before Christmas break, and so on. You get the picture, I bet. I remember showing the video on the last day of school -- what a nice way for them to reflect and remember what we had done in 2nd grade.

This year, my life was pretty hectic the last month, and I remember thinking to myself, "I ought to do that video thing. But it's a lot of work for just a few minutes of happiness." So I didn't do it, and I sort of regret that now. 

So I was thinking, one way to help that video become a reality next year, is to do part of it before the last month {or even last week!!} of school. Like, brain storm here! I could do the first half of the year over Christmas break. And I'd be half done! Oh, what a thought!  

I guess as I'm reflecting on this, I realize that the video is a nice way to close down the year. And the kids seem to enjoy seeing themselves, and remembering what we did. So that needs to go back on the DO list. 

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  1. I skipped it this year also. Great idea to do the first half in December. Maybe we could remind each other to do it? Happy summer!!