Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August 1st

It is (insert dramatic music here) August 1st. About the middle of July, I decided to put off doing too much for school until this very day. Before this, I only did things I wants to do - like shopping for school things, or creating fun school things. If I started to get grumpy or pressured, I'd quit.

Well, the big day is here. I need to get going. So I've spent 2 (very distracted) hours and haven't gotten much done. I was trying to work on lesson plans. (I truly blame part of this on the Olympics that are going on in the background.) Why is it that my first day with students is only a half day, and yet I can't plan that in 2 hours, even looking at last year's plans?

So I mentioned in an earlier post that I plan to do an ocean theme to start off the year. I've got lots of good ideas swirling around - just can't seem to land on one to use for the first day.

I really want to read First Day Jitters - it's a tradition for me.

But I want a wow activity - something that they can't wait to tell mom and dad that they did on their first day. Any ideas? Any thoughts? Any help?

What are you doing on the first day? (I think there is a linky party I need to find for this :)

Well, happy Wednesday to you - my daughter and I are having spa time this afternoon - can't wait.

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