Saturday, March 30, 2013

Five for Friday (3/29/13)

5 random things about this week - I want to join in, I want to join in! Because I want to remember some of the good things that happened this week. So....
 1. After getting a nasty surprise on some mid year testing in math, my 2nd grade team decided to split our kids up according to where they were at learning-wise. As two of my little sweeties left my room to go to their math class, one said, "Bye" and the other said, "We'll miss you." And the first said, "Because we like you." And I told them I liked them too {because I really do} and they said, "No, we really like you." Aw, pitter patter goes my heart. And come back girls, because you are so sweet.

2. Friday's math plans - my co-teacher brought in some tangram patterns that made rabbits. Talk about teaching perseverance - that did it for a lot of my kids. So hard not to jump in. "Mrs. S., I don't have two parallelograms." "Mrs. S., this almost works." "Mrs. S., I can't do this!" Sorry, Charlies, you CAN do it!

3. This was really last week, but it's so great! We paid off our house! Yahoo.

which brings me to...

4. My daughter got into the housing dorm she wanted for college next year. Yep, that's right - trade off a mortgage for college expenses. Thankfully, we are able to trade off and we don't have to do both! AND I'm very happy for my daughter that she got in where she wanted.

5. It's Easter Weekend! We don't get any days off this year, like we have in the past, but really, what's more important than 

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Happy Easter! Sara


  1. Paid off your house?! That's the coolest! You don't happen to follow Dave Ramsey do you? He would be so proud.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. No, we don't follow Dave Ramsey - but I know about his principles. It's been more of me telling my hubby we could refinance, and now that I'm working we can add some money to the principle payment. Plus, I didn't realize my hubby was one of these people that will probably never move - so we've been here a while. It is a good feeling.

  3. Congrats on your house and your daughter's news. Happy Easter!